Nano-X Research Laboratory

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Ultrafast Synthesis of Nanostructured Electrode Materials Using Microwave Assisted Solvothermal Methods. Tailoring Novel Properties Using Surface Engineering Techniques



Quantum Dots

Quantum dot based Technologies are used for bio imaging, solar energy extraction, single electron transistors, optical sensors and nanocatalysis applications.ent focus is on Photocatalysis for waste water treatment and Optical Sensors




Battery Electode

Lithium technology is getting more attention due to safety and high density energy storage properties.

Nano-X Research team is currently focusing on making more advanced layered nanoelectrode materials with high charge intercalation ability and cycle capacity


Nanomedicine for Cancer Therapeutics


nanobiocomposites with novel bioadaptability functions are synthesized and fabricated using variety of methods.

 bioscaffolds and bone replacement technologies are in development stage

Metal matrix based nanocomposites having enhanced abilities are developed and tested in our laboratory


Nanofabrics & Textiles

Smart textiles are the innovative out put of textile nanotechnology

Current focus of Nano-X R L is to synthesize various metal oxides and functional nano fibres to make txtiles with antimicrobial and self cleaning properties

Electrospinning technologies and nanofibre technologies are used to make functional textiles which can be used in strtegic situations like war field and natural calamity are on the development stage


Quantu Dots for Clean Energy Technologies


Multimodal imaging is the most advanced trend in nanophosphor technology,With our research collaborations Nano-X research groups are able to deliver the best in technology for advanced medicines for cancer theapeutics, Bioimaging and targeted drug delivery including NanoBiotix-Model Drugs.

Upconversion systems are developed for advanced cancer therapy including hyperthermia and photodynamic therapy.

Nano-X R L researchers developed a novel  quantum dot technology for bio imaging through a bisynthetic route with the help of ultrafast microwave assisted synthesis technology



Quantum Biology and Biotronics are the most advanced research areas in Biology and molecular medicine. In Collaboration with IHMA, Nano-X R L researchers are sucessfull to develop a cutting edge technology and an theoretical model for Pharmacodynamics of  Homeopathic medicines on the basis of Nanocatalysis and Quantum Gravitonics theories.The following Ongoing Collaborative efforts  hasbeen made. 1) Synthesis and characterization of Nanomedicines for therapeutics. 2)Proving the scientific basis of Homeopathic medicines.

3)Clinical trails of Nanomedicines